Auto Top Trade Videos

Video # 1 – Marty Clapp talks about Buying a Used Car

Many factors affect people’s decision to buy a car. it is said that it is the 3rd most stressful time in an adult’s life, buying and selling a car. Marty Clapp has decades of experience in the Used Car Sales industry, and the Auto Top Trade Videos he has created are useful guides to assisting people to avoid some of the common pitfalls in the process.

Video # 2 – Marty Clapp talks about Buying a New Car

although marty is a Used Car Sales professional, he loves giving away tips about what to do when buying a new car. So if you are in the market to buy a new car, you really should watch this video. Marty helps demystify the process and helps the prospective new car buyer to avoid the things that make the experience stressful.

Video # 3 – Marty  and Adam talk about their accident.

Four of the staff from Auto Top Trade in Lismore were involved in a very serious car accident during the first part of 2013. Marty and Adam reflect on the accident which saw Adam having to be airlifted from the scene to a Gold Coast hospital.

Video # 4 – Auto Top trade television Ad.

The television ad for local TV about Auto Top Trade.