Are you looking for the best car selling tips? Auto Top Trade Lismore can help you

Auto Top Trade Lismore have been selling cars in the retail and wholesale car industry for over twenty years. We have developed a detailed list of all the issues that face people who are selling a car.

Let’s face it, if you want to get top dollar for your vehicle there are many things you need to ensure are at their best with the look and the running of the car. Are there surface issues like rust and paint chipping that should be addressed? Are there interior issues like ripped or worn upholstery that could be fixed? Are there nagging minor mechanical issues that will see a lower offer for your car than would be the case if you fixed them?

Auto Top Trade can assist you to make sure the car you sell is sold without any issues that a buyer will balk at – nothing hidden, and no surprises for the purchaser after the sale. We are often surprised that people try to make short cuts when it comes to selling a car, and consequently end up with less that the market value for that particular vehicle.

If you have a unique or classic vehicle and you want to be sure you get the best sale price, come in and talk to Marty or Adam. We have a large network and we are more than likely able to find a buyer for your car. We pride ourselves in giving the highest quality service and honest appraisals to people wanting us to sell their car for them.